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Which kind of training do you prefer for your team?


Motivational activities?

You think the best way to develop your team is engaging them in a two/three days of Adventure Training like sailing, hiking in the mountains, driving in off-road trails, etc. You believe these activities will improve teamwork, encourage the team to overcome obstacles, enhance their creativity, and teach them to make the best decisions under pressure.

Managerial seminars?

You believe the best option to improve your team s performance concerning cost/benefit is to send them to spend a week in a nice hotel in a touristic city. You think that having interesting managerial lectures and workshops in an informal environment will result in better engagement of your team in problem-solving discussions and  in an improvement in their teamwork skills.

On job (performing a project) with a coach?

Your organization has a project to put in place and you want to improve the technical and managerial capabilities of your team. You think that experienced consultants can work together with your team in this business project and play as coaches. You believe that in the end of the project, the performance of your business and both the quality and the experience of your team will be improved.


Which one is your case?

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The PBC is a group of consultants with extensive experience and distinct expertise specialized in the Food & Beverage industry.

Each project is singular and demands us to find and implement, together with costumer, a unique set of solution.