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What are you really looking for in the consulting service ?


Only brain?

You are only looking for a professional and experience advice about some subject, because there are not qualified or exempt people about this matter inside your company.

After you have received the advice you will go or not ahead only using the company’s personnel (or will hire a project leader).

Only working hands?

You have a defined plan that you want to implement but it will cause an intense or deep impact in the current operational organization and relationships. So you are looking for an external consultant that can “present” and implement the project under your guidelines.

Brain & hands on ?

Your organization has a problem and you are looking for an experienced consulting service that can determine the causes and define and implement together with you the best solution adequate to your business. So you are looking for the advices and the commitment with results throughout the project implementation.


Which one is your case?

Come talk to us.

The PBC is a group of consultants with extensive experience and distinct expertise specialized in the Food & Beverage industry.

Each project is singular and demands us to find and implement, together with costumer, a unique set of solution.